Sunday, August 14, 2011

a new day ..... again :)

haha.. seems after secondary school, my blog update was once in a blue moon. hahaha.. Maybe ive been busy. But now, seems I have my gadgets and it capable of updating, Ill update frequently InsyaAllah.

its been a year for me in houseman ship programme in HRPB Ipoh. And I gone through many things. be a houseman is not an easy task. Maybe for the oldtimer they can say whatever they want, but for me I had a tough life for a great year.

this pic is the front entrance of my workplace. look nice, but it is for specialist parking entry only. I was able to park here a night, esp when I on call on weekends ( try to take feelings being a specialist :P hehe).

Ipoh was a good place, even though I usually say that Klang Valley is more 'civilized' place for me, mainly for its entertainment and recreational activities. But, Ipoh also has it, but in a smaller number. small cinema, small bowling alley, lesser traffic jam, and so on.

my first posting was orthopaedic. Its been a good and enjoying posting. As a first poster, its been always excited. They really a cool people. And I work nice and peacefully there.

then followed by Surgical posting, where I think I fall in love with this posting. I do like the environment, fast and furious. And we had a very good surgeon. I totally respect them. What I like about this posting is they treated u as a family with some humanity aspect inside. afterwork, relationship between houseman and superior become friends, able to talk and put aside work problem. This we should emphasis in the other postings. where I found it lack in certain postings.

My third posting was Medical. The excitement of this posting was u can manage patient as a whole. see patients problem and tackle it one by one. I was lucky, because my big bosses in my ward were very nice and good. I going through my posting very well.

now, back to reality. My current posting is Obstetrics and Gynecology. in my med school, i never had a problem in this posting. the way i see this posting was very hard. and i also had a few problems to be solved. And i was diagnosed to have depression. Too bad for me, as I had a wonderful year previously.

But now, I must back to my previous condition, where I put all my strength and focus to my job. whatever it is, life must goes on. I seek guidance from Allah to make my life better. For all people that read this or know me, please pray for me. Ill thank you for that.


shogunn_general said...

haha wafy apsal ko tag depressed? ;P

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